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We customized our facials according to your skin needs and goals, from anti-aging, pore cleansing, hydration, organic enzyme peels and much more. We care about your skin and wellness, so we only use products formulated without parabens, sulfates, synthetic fragrances, dyes or petroleum. Plus all of our facials include a focalized massage.

For the Face: Healthy Facials

Customized organic facial, skin analysis, cleanser, exfoliation, personalized treatment mask. Experience hot and cold transitions throughout your service, from hot stones or warm towels to cold face herbal compresses.

Close to Nature Facial 50 minutes $85.00
Close to Nature Facial 75 minutes $109.00

Reserve 75 minutes for acne or problematic skin for a deep pore cleanse with extended extractions, high frequency and masks.

Xpress Boot Camp Facial 35 minutes $69.00

Express face fix... Customized Intense 4 layer system. Enzyme cleanser and exfoliation, vitamins serum, lymphatic drainage face massage with peptides..Cooling customized Peel Off algae Mask: Facelift effect, mask will lower the temperature of the skin by up to 6*C providing draining effect, firming, tightening , improving elasticity, facial flaccidity helping to attenuate facial wrinkles.

The Pink Four Layers Facial 50 minutes $109.00

Extended version of the Xpress Boot Camp Facial. Deep cleaning and exfoliation, skin nourishing serums and peptides, customized cooling full face seaweed mask including eye & mouth: draining effect for dark circles and puffiness, micro contour of the skin to adapt to nasolabial, periocular, forehead and labial wrinkles.. Jade face massage, Finished with silky serums application. The Coldest face mask plus hot stones arms massage.


Rejuvenating ENZYMES exfoliation with ultra scrubber or micro currents to lift dead skin cells. Customized masks, peptides and vitamins serums applied using ultra sonic waves that indirectly affect deeper layers of skin, helping build volume, fullness and improving facial contouring and fine Lines. Oxygen infusion application for ultimate skin glow.

Firming & Toning Ultrasonic Facial 80 minutes $159.00


Back and face facial: Start with a deep back exfoliation to remove impurities, mask application to dry problematic skin if needed... followed by a deep cleanse facial with customized herbal mask... hand and feet hydrating treatment included..

Face & Back Glow 75 minutes $105.00

Just for teens: Healthy Habits Facials (11 till 18 years old)

Introduction to skin care habits which includes a consultation and education on skin type, condition and products. The following includes a deep cleansing facial, acne prevention or treatment.

First Time Teen Clients 60 minutes $75.00
Maintenance Facial 45 minutes $39.00
Acne Facial 75 minutes $99.00

Parents or guardians can add any one hour relaxation service for only $55.

O2 Facial 75 minutes $120.00

Transforms the skin with a unique beauty experience. We prepare the skin by removing dead skin layers with ultrasound or other resurfacing techniques after consultation. This treatment delivers pressurized oxygen directly to the skin’s surface, with instant cooling and hydrating effects. The skin will look and feel years younger, and will also be visibly lifted, toned and hydrated.

Anti-Aging brightening LED Facial 75 minutes $150.00

Skin is deeply exfoliated, gentle acid peel might be applied if needed...Selection of brightening and A, C, E oxygenation treatment. LightStim Photomask and Serums are activated by light spectrum of LED anti aging device...LED light therapy encourages cellular growth, repair, restore and increase cell rejuvenation.

Hydra-Facial 50 minutes $120.00
Ageless Hydra-Facial 80 minutes $150.00

New resurfacing procedure, thoroughly cares for your skin, providing cleansing, exfoliation, extraction and hydration all while Infusing antioxidants, peptides, and Hyaluronic acid into the skin. This a non-invasive, non-surgical procedure that delivers instant results with no downtime.  For amazing glow, pores noticeably smaller, softer and more hydrated skin.  The celebrity's choice before any big event.

(Series of 6 treatments available)

Enhancement to Any Facial

Please note enhancement won't add more time to your treatment unless specified, they are blended into your service.

Oxygenation, specialty masks and enzyme peels $25.00
Acne, problematic skin treatment $15.00
Microdermabrasion, area micro needling $35.00
Scalp tingling warm oil hair treatment $25.00

Eye Treaments

Eye contour treatment 25 minutes $55.00

Using a calming serum we applied warm Thai compress to soothe the delicate eye area. Cooling tools are used to massage and applied organic oil to lessen puffiness and dark circles. Collagen or similar hydro pads are applied to help fight free radicals, leaving eyes looking refreshed and hydrated. Scalp or neck massage that will reawaken your senses.

The Pink Facial Bar

Eyebrows and EyeLash tinting and conditioning services Starting at $25.00


For the Body: Scrubs, Wraps and Massage

  • Scrubs and wraps help exfoliate, cleanse, stimulate circulation, detox, hydrate and give you silky smooth skin which will leave you feeling refreshed and relaxed with a variety of essential oils and exfoliant.
  • Seasonal wraps and sliming treatments are available, we customize to everyone's needs and goals, from detoxing, inch reduction, lymphatic drainage and more.
  • Warm organic oils and body lotions. All massage's include aromatherapy and warm towels to promote breathing and relaxation during service.
  • Massage customized to fit your personal needs and goals from relaxation to relief from pain. 

Note: Please don't wax or shave before any body scrub or wrap.


Experience this powerful thermal treatment. The relaxing journey begins by choosing your favorite essential oils. Skin will be dry brush, prepared to receive a warm infusion of organic oils.. Hot Himalayan salt stones will be slowly apply, body is gently exfoliated and minerals are deposited into the skin helping to improve circulation and muscular tension.

Himalayan Hot Rock Therapy 50 minutes $85.00


Seasonal Glow Body Scrubs 50 minutes $85.00
Seasonal Glow Body Scrubs 80 minutes $105.00

Dry brushing, customized exfoliating invigorating yet gentle radiant scrub, followed by a hydrating massage:

  • Dead Sea Salt Polish
  • Detoxing Coffee 
  • Sugar Scrub


These treatments include dry brushing, seasonal or specialty body mask, acupressure foot and scalp massage. You will be wrapped in a cocoon that produces heat for achieving maximum results.

Seasonal Body Wrap 50 minutes $60.00
Seasonal Body Wrap* 75 minutes $85.00

Oriented to eliminate water retention. This body wrap infuses the skin with natural ingredients of the season, depositing minerals and vitamins.

Customized, goal oriented specialty body wrap 50 minutes $70.00
C*75 min option includes scalp and lymphatic drainage face massage 75 minutes $99.00

*The 75 minute option includes extended individualized reflexology and neck massage

To cleanse, detoxify, purify, beautify, reshape, hydrate the body and skin. Options from herbal or mineral include mud and seaweed.

Your specialist will choose or combine the best modalities and/or treatments from:

  • Detox:  Detoxifying treatment that stimulates metabolic system, speeding its ability to carry away waste products . Fat cells hold many of the toxins accumulated over time, they are naturally secreted out of the body through the pores of the skin.
  • Hydrating: for dry or dehydrated skin.
  • Cellulite or Inch loss wrap: diuretic effect that aids in temporary water weight reduction or cellulite reduction with invigorating massage.
The ultimate detoxing body treatment 110 minutes $149.00

Focusing on removing toxins, excess water and lipids and balancing the body. This treatment starts with a detox foot soak, full body dry brush, selection of aromatherapy and body scrub to remove dulling skin cells, customized detoxing, sliming wrap, finishing with a hydrating body butter application, scalp massage , hot stones, cold compresses and mask for face. You can use our infrared sauna with this treatment.. please arrive 30min before appointment time. The use of standing infrared sauna is complementary with this service.


Make any of our treatments an experience for two and receive complementary house service during visit. 

Relaxation massage 50 minutes $65.00
Relaxation massage 75 minutes $95.00

This treatment focuses on relaxation using long fluid movements, effleurage and petrissage. 

Therapeutic massage 50 minutes $75.00
Therapeutic massage 75 minutes $105.00

This treatment uses a variety of stretching and deep breathing techniques to unwind and relax different muscle groups. Your therapist will customize your time together to achieve maximum benefits.

Natural Pain Relief/Specific Structural Body Work 50 minutes $80.00
Natural Pain Relief/Specific Structural Body Work 75 minutes $110.00


Detox, pain relief plus burn up to 1400 calories per session. Excellent before any massage treatment or by itself.

Start with a mineral foot detox and lay back and relax under the personal infrared blanket 50 minutes $65.00

The Infrared Body Wrap is a natural heat theraputic treatment which uses Far Infrared Heat Energy (FIR) that penetrates twice as deep as other heat sources to target toxins and fat deposits. stimulates metabolism and helps to reduce cellulite, burn calories, remove stores toxins, increase weight lost, relieve chronic pain, improve joint mobility and increase blood circulation.


Infared Blanket Treatment Area Wrap 50 minutes $89.00
Infared Blanket Wrap with Hot Oil Scalp Ritual 50 minutes $109.00
Infared Blanket Wrap with Mini Facial 60 minutes $120.00

Relax, detox and burn up to 1400 calories under infrared blanket. Complementary eye collagen pads, feet and hand treatment and relaxing scalp massage.

For This service therapist will choose bandage wrap:

  • CELLU-LESS FIRM-UP: It stimulates metabolic exchanges and oxygen consumption in the fat tissues; it contrasts the stagnation of liquids and toxins, main cause of the cellulite process.
  • AQUA-DRAIN: New Draining Liquid Retention and Detoxifying Body Treatment. It contrasts efficiently water retention giving to the tissues a much more compact and tonic aspect; it remineralises the skin.

(Not for pregnant women, recent surgery or open wounds...) Must drink at least 8 glasses of water before any body treatments... bring 2 pieces bathing suit.


Your therapist will customize this treatment to focus on specific areas in the body to ease pain and promote a pain free lifestyle. Regular sessions recommended to experience best results. Specializing in:

  • Carpal tunnel
  • Sciatica
  • Neck and shoulder pain
  • Hip pain
  • Migraines
Hot stone 50 minutes $85.00
Hot stone 75 minutes $110.00

Therapist will use a smooth heated stones, placing them on the body and using them to help warm up tight muscles. The heat can be both deeply relaxing and used to help with achey, tired muscles.

Thai compress/ warm stone massage 50 minutes $95.00

Unique experience of stones, warm towels, ancient Asian techniques and natural ingredients to assist in the relief of muscular tension and ultimate relaxation. The warm compresses of herbs, stones and essential oils are applied to the body’s key muscle groups in a tailored massage, focusing on any areas of concern. 

Prenatal Massage (after first trimester) 50 minutes $75.00
Package of 4 --- $260.00

A must for every expectant mommy.

Couples relaxation massage 50 minutes $139.00

Embark on a journey with your significant other, friend or loved one. Unplug from the world and tap into the spirit of togetherness. Not just a massage but but an experience that will create long time memories.

Add Ons for Massage 

Note: enhancement won't add more time to your treatment unless specified since they are blended into your service. (prices vary):

  • Deep tissue, therapeutic
  • Foot scrub
  • Full body scrub
  • Scalp tingling warm oil hair treatment
  • Face refresh or treatment mask
  • Thai warm compress
  • Extra time
Personal Infared Blanket Sauna Therapy 30 minutes $45.00

Hands & Feet

Our feet and hands do so much for us, so why not take the time out to thank them:

The foot and hand rescue 50 minutes $55.00

A house favorite. Enjoy a detoxing foot soak featuring therapeutic Minerals salt. Refreshing warm foot leg wrap: sugar or salt exfoliation, specialty mask and keratin foot sock finished with hydrating butter application. Rejuvenate hands with scrub, mask and keratin warm gloves.

Detox foot soak and Reflexology 25 minutes $45.00

Revive tired achey feet or just because. Featuring Himalayan rock salt and focused press point massage. 

Add on warm aromatic paraffin treatment for your hands/feet for only $19. There are many therapeutic benefits for this treatment. Alleviate pain from arthritis, soothe achey joints and rehydrate skin. 


Relax and Experience a refreshing, fun, fizzy and scent-sational: bubbly citric acid warm soak, scrub, mud with oxygen bubbles warm wrap, hydrating foot mask socks.. finished with hydrating oxygenated cream butter application.

Walk on Clouds 60 minutes $69.00


Don't have the time to renew and refresh? No excuses with our express services:

Detox foot soak and reflexology 25 minutes $45.00
Hand paraffin or customized hand treatment with massage 25 minutes $35.00
Pick me up facial 30 minutes $49.00
Boot Camp Facial: Quick, Intense four layer facial with vitamins, peptides and cooling, gold oriented peel off algae mask 35 minutes $69.00
Pick me up massage 30 minutes $45.00
Chair massage Per Minute $1.00
Eye contour treatment 25 minutes $55.00
Personal Infared Blanket Sauna Therapy 30 minutes $45.00

Me and Friends SPA time

Kids till 12 years old. Minimum 3 kids

  • Pick your flavor pedicure: Bubbly warm scented foot soak, aromatic mask, steaming towels wrap, buttery feet massage
  • Do it yourself facial fun
  • Scalp or hand massage

30 min $45per person. Make it 1hr, includes Hand treatment and Nail polish $65per person Sweet treats and flavored drinks included


20 percent GRATUITY will be added to all Rituals and package services.

Ultimate Retreat Escape (For one) approx 4 hours $269.00
Ultimate Retreat Escape (For two) approx 4 hours $530.00
  • Bubbly O2 Foot Rescue for Happier Feet
  • Keratin Hand Treatment
  • Detoxing Infared Sauna
  • Aromatic Body Exfoliation Wrap
  • Relaxing Massage
  • Refreshing face Treatment with Herbal Collagen Mask or O2 Infusion
  • Teamosas and Sweets

The Soul and Body for Two

A unique, luxurious spa experience. The soul and body for two. Excellent for couples, mom and daughter, best friends. Aromatherapy full body scrub and hydrating warm massage with choice of Face Glow or Healthy Facial.

Face Glow 75min $249.00
Healthy Facial 110min $299.00

The Pink Thai Ritual

This amazing journey focuses on relieving muscular pain and tension leaving you renewed and rejuvenated.

Start with a ceremonial foot cleansing ritual featuring mineral packed Himalayan rock salt. Next you will enjoy Warm compresses of herbs and essential oils applied to your body’s key muscle groups, followed  by a rejuvenating, yet, gentle massage, followed by a nourishing facial cleanse with Thai herbal compress that will leave your face refreshed and renewed. This ritual concluded by a deeply relaxing Oriental tingling Head Massage with or without warm oil scalp treatment.

The Pink Thai Ritual 1.5 hours $149.00

Himalayan Heaven

This heavenly experience will replenish your body's minerals by using pure pink Himalayan salt to polish your skin, Layering it with natural oils, hydrating mask and warm body wrap to allow maximum absorption... all while your face receives cold compresses for balancing. A warm relaxing pressure point masage will conclude this restorative therapy.

Himalayan Heaven 110 minutes $189.00

Four Hands Journey

Face pampered with Rejuvenating refreshing facial while your Feet and Hands receive ultimate pampering and massage... Hydrating hand and feet mask.... Steaming foot booties... Reflexology.

Four Hands Journey (Two therapist simultaneously) 50 minutes $159.00

Face and Body Bliss (110min)

Nourishing Facial plus full body massage.. Foot refresher, Dry brushing option, oil massage, warm towels, body butter application....Facial enzyme cleanse, nourishing mask, eye revive and vitamins oil face massage, dry or hot oil scalp massage ...( Pure relaxation. No steam, no extractions)

Just Relax (Swedish massage plus soothing facial) 110min $149.00
Deep Please (Deep tissue massage, intense repair face treatment) 110min $185.00
(Add hot oil, hair mask, peppermint steaming towels, scalp massage) Blended into service $19.00


20 percent GRATUITY will be added to all Rituals and package services.


Great for that person in your life who deserves to unplug, unwind and be completely pampered. Mom, dad, friend, teacher.

Ultimate Retreat Escape approx 4 hours $269.00
  • Bubbly O2 Foot Rescue for Happier Feet
  • Keratin Hand Treatment
  • Detoxing Infared Sauna
  • Aromatic Body Exfoliation Wrap
  • Relaxing Massage
  • Refreshing face Treatment with Herbal Collagen Mask or O2 Infusion
  • Teamosas and Sweets

Day at The Cottage approx. 3.5hours $249.00
  • Aromatherapy therapeutic massage
  • Seasonal Facial
  • Customized cooling collagen herbal mask
  • Eye and lip treatment
  • Hot stones arms therapy
  • Hand and foot rescue wrap - revitalizing foot and hand treatment : detox foot soak, refreshing foot and leg scrub, specialty treatment mask for legs, feet and hand, warm towels.
  • Refreshments and guilt free dessert

On The Cottage 3 hours $224.00
  • Revitalizing foot treatment : detox foot soak, refreshing foot and leg scrub, specialty treatment mask, heel treatment, warm towels.
  • Hand treatment: scrub and mask for renewing and hydrating.. 
  • Relaxing aromatherapy relaxation massage
  • Healthy Facial with collagen or oxygen treatment

Just for Him: Designed with the man in mind 2 hours $159.00
  • Sport massage
  • Back exfoliation
  • Foot and hand  treatment with reflexology
  • Refreshing facial treatment
  • Scalp massage

A Taste of the Cottage 60 minutes $99.00
  • Relaxing massage
  • Express facial
  • Hands and feet glow

Mommy and Me Packages

There is nothing better than sharing memorable quality time with your little one or not so little anymore. For kids 4 to 12 years old. Choose from any of the following or customize a package JUST FOR YOU.

Express Mom & Princess Escape 35 minutes $75.00
  • Side by side feet and hand treatment.
  • Warm scent Foot soak
  • Aromatic leg and feet scrub
  • Relaxing feet and hand massage

Ultimate Mom & Princess Escape 50 minutes $125.00

For the Mom, choose from:

  • Healthy facial
  • Relaxation massage
  • Hand and foot rescue

For the princess:

  • Face cleanse
  • Hands and feet facial  
  • Nail polish

Couples massage

Embark on a journey with your significant other, friend or loved one. Unplug from the world and tap into the spirit of togetherness. Not just a massage but but an experience that will create long time memories.

Couples Relaxation Massage 50 minutes $139.00